18. huhti, 2019


Ilahduttavaa palautetta tuokiosta, josta nautimme itsekin!

Vieraanamme oli kahdeksan kansainvälistä opiskelijaa, jotka opiskelevat itsekin matkailualaa.

This was a great idea, not a lot of people get to actually sit down and take time to think about these things so this is great.

 I loved writting everything down and take it with ourselfs.

The welcoming here was perfect. They prepared even our warm shoes and socks.

This service was very unique, combining many theories of physical health and mental health from Western with some influence from Eastern side.

Tästä on hyvä jatkaa!Lue kohdasta 'Kangaskoskella' , mitä puuhasimme joen varrella.